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ourWorld Forums  is an online virtual world specifically designed to offer teen girls a place to getaway, which didn’t exist at the time. With over 200 in-world games ranging from puzzle to action alongside social environments such as dance clubs and coffee shops, players have to opportunity to build a whole virtual life with choice over 32,000 virtual goods such as clothing and furniture. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2018, ourWorld Forums  has maintained a strong community of players with many engaging for several years – a unique achievement in an industry rarely retains players for more than one year.

let’s talk about why the official ourWorld forums closed down… erm, permanently.

 ourWorld, the once popular game that was a worldwide phenomenon is struggling to survive with the closure of the forums.  There was no notice. As you visited your favorite message-board link; all that appeared was a 404 message: NOT FOUND. So what happened?

Here is the message from an ourWorld representative.

Over the past few weeks our sites have been dealing with an individual(s) and their relentless efforts to disrupt, impair and ultimately compromise players as well as the staff watching over ourWorld. The JForum that once hosted oW’s collective player-forum has proven unsafe and if left alone could cause far more harm than it does good. While we understand the removal of this forum will upset many of you, as it does us, for the sake of the game itself and all of your safety we have been left with little other choice and have since shut it off. Whether this change is temporary or permanent we do not yet know. Ideally, we would love to rebuild the forum on a new platform. Realistically, doing so may not be possible for us right now, or any time soon.”

he ourWorld forum was an exceptional place and it will be missed. This decision was not made lightly and we are deeply sorry that this is the result. Everyone here, even those of us who no longer work on the oW project, love and appreciate all the feedback and content players have posted throughout the forum over the years. Over 10 years and some of you are still here! Players like you are what keep us going– players that genuinely appreciate and enjoy the game we’ve worked so hard to make, want to work towards making it better, want to produce beautiful art of our avatars and items. While busy and unable to respond to every message, our art team especially enjoyed looking over everybody’s thoughts and ideas about the game.

As I’m sure you might have noticed, this particular message is a macro written to address anyone who asks about the state of the forum or why it’s no longer available. Due to the massive amount of tickets regarding this change it is difficult for us to personalize every response, so I do apologize if this comes off as insensitive. If you’d like a broader explanation or have any additional questions, feel free to respond/re-open this ticket with them and you’ll be written back as quickly as our admin is able.

As the former Admin of oWs forum and a representative for ourWorld here at Flowplay, again, I am so very sorry. We all appreciate your understanding.

The OurWorld Forums is closed down due to security issues. This comes as no surprise as a growing number of sites are facing threats of cyber-security. One such site, Have I been Pwned, has an entire list of the biggest security breaches known. Sites like LinkedIn, WhitePages, Club Penguin ReWritten and many others have had their accounts compromised. ourWorld knows that your online privacy is important.

Here’s a story about the forums. Once upon a time, I had written a script for ourWorld that used the forums database to fetch an entire list of usernames so you can see the last time someone logged in. Today, the script no longer works because the forums no longer work. Makes sense, right? Wrong. Technically, my script still works if you have the userID. Only problem is, I have no clue how you’d get the userID without getting the username. Whereas my script was being used for something relatively harmless, a more invasive person could’ve used this information for malcontent. Either way, the official ourWorld forums posed a security risk which is why it shutdown.

Unfortunately, the forum closure means less people will find ourWorld in google search results. This is something ourWorld relied on in order to gain new players. Currently, it’s unknown whether or not ourWorld will reopen a forum in the future. This is a very sad time.

I for one really hope for the Forums to come back. It’s a wonderful community and a really helpful resource for players, volunteers and the staff.

Those who are worried about their lost topics, stories, artwork and more – do not fear! The ourWorld Team are working on a way to have the old Forums viewable so nothing is lost.