PHP is a server side programming language which is widely used for web development and to create dynamic web applications.. Among many programming languages, PHP is the most popular web scripting language. PHP is the most reliable, robust, powerful and simple programming language which can give you the best results with minimum efforts. PHP language has it roots in C and C++ hence programmers find it easy to learn. MySQL is used with PHP as back end tool. MySQL is the famous online database and can be interfaced well with PHP. Hence PHP and MySQL are best choice for web masters who want to build their websites.

So many companies use PHP Application Development to design and develop their websites and this PHP platform makes their business even more successful. Many international level popular websites have been developed using PHP for example Facebook. Facebook is created using PHP programming language and now more than 1 Billion people use Facebook daily. It shows the benefit of PHP for the success of Facebook. You may be wondering why so many businesses and people use PHP programming language for building their websites. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using PHP platform for their successful website. Let’s now discuss the benefits of PHP.

1 PHP is a Free and Open Source Programming language

If you are using PHP for your website development then you don’t need to buy any license as PHP is open source language which is available free for website development. Hence you don’t need to spend any money for personal as well as business use. PHP is available freely for users and developers to use it and modify it.

2 PHP is a Reliable Platform for Web Development

Developer prefer PHP Programming as it offers high level of reliability. PHP is one of the oldest and most reliable programming language used by developers from across the world since many years. So many big businesses have established their websites using PHP and witnessed unprecedented success. Due to reliability offered by PHP, companies have established better relationship with their customers and therefore is trusted by millions of people around the world.

3 PHP is Easy to Learn and Use

  • PHP is not very difficult language to learn and use. It is quite easy to learn PHP in less time and with fewer efforts as compared to other programming languages. PHP is similar to C and C++ which are already highly popular languages. Hence the developers can learn PHP in few months and can start creating projects in very less time.
  • 4 PHP is Fast

One of the best benefits of PHP is its speed of execution. Actually PHP is very fast programming language. PHP uses its own memory means the server need not to work as hard. This results in faster loading times for websites and web based applications.

  • 5 Various Frameworks Available for PHP

There are many ready made frameworks of PHP which have been developed using PHP code. There frameworks have many features which made them successful and highly preferred by developers. WordPress, Magento, Laravel, CakePHP, Joomla, CodeIgniter and many more are such PHP frameworks. These reliable PHP frameworks are used by PHP developers to create effective and powerful web applications. There have been many enterprise level and complex web applications built using these frameworks.

6 PHP Supports Various Popular Databases

PHP supports various popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, dBase, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more hence useful web applications can be developed easily using PHP.

  • 7 Cross Platform Applications

PHP can be used to create cross-platform applications for Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems. PHP is also compatible with all the leading web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

8 PHP Communities

PHP has huge developer communities around the world which regularly interact with each other through internet forums, groups. Hence if anytime you encounter a problem when programming PHP code in your website, you can resolve it quickly by taking help from these PHP communities available on the internet. You can also take part in various PHP conferences and events to learn more about PHP web development.


We have just discussed the various benefits of PHP programming language for web development. PHP is open source, easy to learn, fast, reliable, platform independent and has huge developers communities supporting it. PHP development is also cheap due to availability of so many PHP developers around the world. Use PHP to develop your business website and enjoy the success.